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How To Post Pics

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How To Post Pics Empty How To Post Pics

Post by tux on Mon 01 Feb 2010, 08:53

Click the "Post Reply" button at the bottom of the thread

How To Post Pics Post110

A grey text entry box will open where you can type your message. Then click the "Host Image" button above the grey box, 15 from the left or 12 from the right.

How To Post Pics Post210

A new dialogue box will open. Click "Browse..." and find the picture you want to post on your hard drive. Then click "Host It"

How To Post Pics Post310

After a few seconds (actual time depends how fast your Internet connection is and how big the image you are posting is) another dialogue box will appear with three bits of code. Select the one in the middle, copy the code (Ctrl+C) and paste it (Ctrl+V) into the grey text entry box.

How To Post Pics Post410

Click the "Preview" button to see what your post will look like when posted. Edit as necessary and then click "Send" to post your message.
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