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Bestpartstore.co.uk don't waste your time!

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Bestpartstore.co.uk don't waste your time! Empty Bestpartstore.co.uk don't waste your time!

Post by scarletporker on Wed 06 Nov 2013, 07:57

Ordered a Clutch disc for my Fiat coupe and after 8 days received an email saying it's not available and they have no alternative. They're website states its available and lists another brand also available. Went on online chat and was told they canceled the order due to them not having it but would not explain why it was still listed.

Thought it was odd when an Asian lady rang me a couple of days after the order asking if I'd ordered something.

Turns out they are in Berlin not the UK and are renowned for not supplying or supplying incorrect parts. Their site is also the SAME AS onlinecarparts.co.uk

A week behind on putting the coupe back together now
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